Shape without a surgery

The CoolSculpting is a fat-freezing procedure that is the only non-surgical fat reduction treatment that eliminates fat by the controlled cooling procedure. The results are awesome and proven, so it’s time to get back to your shape without a surgery. This is a non-invasive procedure that works effectively.

CoolSculpting – What is it?

The fat cells are gradually eliminated by the body by freezing the excess fat cells. Extreme cold applied on the fat cells eventually, kills them and improves the body contours. This concept of removing excess fat from the body was noticed in the 1970’s when healthy children lost their youthful fat in their faces by sucking popsicles. This caught the attention of the scientists who worked on cryo lipolysis which means freezing fat. After years of testing, the CoolSculpting machine is found, and it is also approved as the safe means of reducing excess fat.

CoolSculpting Procedure

The procedure uses a small or a large paddle with a hose that provides cold. Dr. Evdokimow is well-trained with this procedure and decides the size of the paddle depending on the treatment area. The paddle has two panels with more than 3000 sensors. A gel pad is placed to protect the skin after which the machine is powered up.

The area to be treated is held between the panels, and the procedure will start eventually. You will start feeling cold, and experience tickles, stings and cramps (which are quite normal), and later the area becomes numb. Dr. Evdokimow stays with you throughout the procedure to ensure your comfort. Once the procedure is over, our plastic surgeon will massage the tender area. Within few minutes, you can resume your normal activities.

What happens to the fat?

The fat cells that come in contact with the extremely cold temperature crystallize over a period of time, and they eventually die. The broken and dead fat cells are then easily eliminated by the body. Surprisingly, the targets covered by CoolSculpting have no place for fat cells anymore. So, when you gain weight, they do not occupy the treated area forever!

Who should choose CoolSculpting?

  • Male and female can prefer this non-surgical weight loss method
  • If you are very close to your ideal weight
  • If you have noticeable fat near abdomen
  • You should not suffer from circulatory disorder
  • If you do not expect immediate result
  • If you can maintain your weight through exercise and diet, you can choose CoolSculpting

Dr. Evdokimow takes you through the complete procedure, and you may not see the results in few days. It takes few days or months for the cold to destroy the fat cells so that you will see an incremental improvement over a period of time. You can feel healthy with this non-surgical fat loss solution.

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Are you interested to know more about CoolSculpting and its effects? Schedule an appointment with us now. Please call our office at 908.221.1136 or contact Dr. Evodkimow by filling out our online  Request an Appointment  form. Our CoolSculpting patients come from Chestertown, Far Hills, Summit, and Milburn.


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