VASER® Surgeries for Body Contouring

An individual’s figure can negatively impact and fluctuate with the deteriorating age, fluctuating weight, and pre or post pregnancy and due to the lack of regular exercise. Today, everyone is busy and gets the least time to relax, the amount of stress is increasing day by day and so is the development of fatty tissue. Many people start bothering about their looks and appeal.

If you are one of those people, Dr. Evdokimow is the right choice for you. He deeply understands these problems and helps an individual to overcome these challenges following VASERlipo treatments on individuals who don’t want to go through surgical procedures but still want to improve their looks. Most of the surgical procedures have long recovery time so if you don’t have time and patience to undergo surgical treatments, VASERlipo can be a perfect solution for you in order to remove the excess fat that is accumulated on your face, abdomen, chin, chests, breasts, arms, back, hips, thighs, buttocks, ankles, knees, and calves.

VASERlipo® (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance)

VASERlipo, an ultrasonic liposuction technique that is based on LipoSelection®, minimally invasive technique. This technique breaks fatty issues without harming the surrounding tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. This treatment can be easily performed in the Dr. Evdokimow’s outpatient surgery centre or in his office.

Just like other treatments, VASERlipo is not only related to a weight loss procedure. The main ain of this treatment is to get back shape of specific body areas giving slimmer, and more defined silhouette. So, if you are going through this treatment, don’t expect to notice a significant weight loss. This VASERlipo treatment effectively removes unwanted fatty tissues and delivering normal and a satisfying body sculpture free from any kind of discomforts. After this treatment, you can expect to see the results mentioned below:

  • This is a Minimally invasive VaserLipo treatment
  • An easy method that extracts a large amount of fatty tissues.
  • Delicate areas fat can be removed easily
  • Refined body curves post this treatment.
  • No discomfort post this treatment.
  • Tightened skin post treatment
  • The main advantage of this treatment is that aspirated fat cells can be used in grafting other areas of the body like face.

What to expect

Dr. Evdokimow performs VASERlipo by giving a local anesthesia. This procedure can be combined with other procedures, and for that general anesthesia and some days, hospital stay is required. This method is better than the traditional methods because patients are undergoing Vaser Lip experience quicker results, smoother recovery time and less discomfort. Most of the time, VASERlipo patients feel fully recovered during their hospital stay. Some patients feel Minor bruising and swelling, but this would vanish over a period of time. Mostly this procedure causes no pain, no scars and no discomfort at all. After treatments, patients are given aftercare instructions and clothing which will promote faster recovery and ensure positive aesthetic results.

One can expect to see the positive results of this VASERlipo treatment soon after the recovery period, and the results stay for more than three to four months. This treatment removes fat permanently provided regular diet and exercise routine is followed post-treatment. Minor Touch-up may be required, and the treatment is safe and helps an individual to maintain beautiful-looking skin achieved post-VASERlipo.


This is the only treatment that can cure structural problems of cellulite residing beneath the skin. Not only this treatment solves these problems but also emulsifies fat as well. This is a minimally invasive solution using ultrasound energy so an ultrasound-assisted procedure that removes cellulite and gives a permanent solution to the cellulite problem. This treatment gives smoother skin, even skin tone, and a healthier look.

VASERsmooth procedure

This treatment is done by Dr. Evdokimow at his practice. Most done on the outpatient basis, this VASERsmooth treatment, when combined with VASERshape, gives better and faster results. In this method, a numbing solution is basically used as an anesthetizer to anesthetize the area to be treated. Then one of the VASERsmooth probesis used on the area in order to address the area where the cellulite fat is deposited.

VASERsmooth versus Cellulaze™

VASERsmooth when compared to Cellulaze, a similar kind of anti-cellulite technology has been proven to be faster and a cost-effective solution delivering better results. This procedure results less bruising and has lower recovery time because of advanced tricks and tips used at the time of doing this treatment. If you want to go for cellulite treatment, then Dr. Evdokimow would recommend VASERsmooth treatment over Cellulaze.


Dr. Evdokimow’s VASERshape, non-invasive treatment for fat reduction brings assured results. This treatment can be combined with many other non-surgical procedures of fat reduction like Cool sculpting, a treatment that uses fire and ice. This treatment has been voted one of the best non-invasive treatments by an aesthetic surgery convention based in Las Vegas. This technology reduces fat, helps in improving the looks of cellulite and skin tightening in order to give a smoother and beautiful-looking skin. You don’t have to wait to post this treatment. This non-invasive method doesn’t put any constraints on the diet. This revolutionary procedure was much awaited, and Dr. Evdokimow is very excited to introduce this nonsurgical treatment for his patients in New Jersey. This treatment combines ultrasonic energy and a warming massage to heat up the body and reduce the amount of fatty tissues improving the appearance of cellulite as well. The massaging during the treatment improves the level of blood circulation and hence keeps swelling or bruising at bay. Most of the patients continue with their daily routine post this treatment. Some patients experience mild redness that vanishes over a couple of hours. This treatment is highly recommended for removing fat deposited on the smaller areas, any particular area, or any type of irregularities post liposuction.

VASERshape procedure

This treatment is performed by Dr. Evdokimow on his practice in the New Jersey. This treatment is done without anesthesia and is mostly done on the outpatient’s basis. In this treatment, Dr. Evdokimow uses ultrasound energy to heat up fatty tissue lying beneath the skin, and then he encourages the metabolism system of the body. This naturally removes the excess fat. The expected duration of this treatment is 45-60 minutes, and the patient is asked to go through the sessions once in a week. This continues for up to five weeks. He drafts a special treatment plan for New Jersey VASERshape patient.

After the procedure

There is no recovery time or side-effects of this VASERshape treatment, so patients do not experience any kind of swelling or bruising. Many patients start doing their daily activities and take a refreshment tour to the beaches post treatment. You can see immediate results that would continue improving over additional sessions of this treatment.

To get more info about VASERlipo, VASERsmooth, and VASERshape or if you want to meet Dr. Evdokimow one-on-one, this website helps you to get every information. Call us at 908.221.1136 or schedule your meeting by filling the form given at  Request an Appointment . Our worthy patients of VASER hail from Milburn, Summit, Chestertown, Madison, and Far Hills.

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