• Although concepts of beauty change, full breasts have become the standard for sex appeal in America. Breast size and shape are influenced by pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations and aging.
  • Women generally seek breast augmentation for one of following reasons: 
  1. They have always had underdeveloped breasts or have been unhappy with the sizes and shape of their breasts. 
  2. They have experienced changes after pregnancy and breastfeeding or they wish to improve breast size and shape for their own personal reasons.


Understanding your needs and your body and health

  • Your body and breast shape are unique and so should be the result of the surgery
  • The first breast surgery is the best possibility to achieve a great result, so plan it carefully
  • Understanding your breast shape especially the presence or absence of asymmetry, constricted or tubular breast
  • Understanding the condition of your chest wall, spine, and posture
  • Understanding your personal health history e.g. Bleeding disorders and Autoimmune Diseases. Breast surgery will not cause autoimmune disease but the surgery can aggravate an existing one
  • Understanding your family history, especially breast cancer
  • Baseline mammogram before breast surgery is a good idea, however often not covered by insurance. 

What makes us Unique?

  • Attention to detail
  • Predominant use of Anatomic Breast implants
  • Painless surgery and quick recovery through the use of appropriate anesthesia and surgical technique
  • Awareness of biofilm formation and the role of low-grade chronic infection in the development of capsule contracture
  • Patient education
  • Use of fat grafting when indicated

Please visit our Galleries section to view breast enhancement before and after photos.


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