Do you want to regain your looks that you unfortunately lost?

Lots of questions start boggling a woman’s mind after she is diagnosed with a breast cancer treatment. Well, the first thing that comes to a woman’s mind is whether she would have to live the rest of her life without a breast?” Well, according to Dr. David Edvokimow, the answer to this mind-boggling question is simply No, provided you are given one of the best treatments for breast reconstruction. If you are a resident of New Jersey and looking for Breast Reconstruction in new Jersey, then The Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David Evdokimow should be your one-stop destinations. He has years of experience of performing breast reconstructive surgery on Woman in order to help her live a physically, psychologically and emotionally balanced life. He helps her to get her natural looking breast back post-treatment.

Dr. Evdokimow has taken special training in various fields like microvascular surgery. He belongs to a strong reconstructive background and has the expertise of performing various types of surgeries. This expertise’s of him a symbol of trust where patients trust him for providing one of the best breast reconstruction procedure. If you want to get more info about him or his techniques, please feel free to request for online consultation, or you can give them a call at their office number 908.221.1136.

How to choose the right approach of Dr. Evdokimow

There is no denying the fact that the Breast reconstruction is one of the most complex procedures that need expertise and superior surgical skills, sound knowledge and good command over human anatomy along with a vision to add beauty. At the time of thorough consultation, Dr. Evdokimow start with a physical examination and then prepare a treatment plan for breast reconstruction. This treatment plan varies from person to person, and most of the times it is customized according to the body needs and requirements of the patients approaching Dr. Evdokimow. Many times, he has to work in collaboration with a medical oncologist, surgical oncologist, and a radiation oncologist in order to make sure that the treatment plan is well-created and executed to get the best results.

Before the start of implementation, Dr. Evdokimow’s staff would help you to get insurance coverage. He additionally advises patients to be on the safer side of the road to get the best end results. He advises patients not to consume Aspirin and NSAIDs (no steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) almost 15 days before the surgery. It is advised to quit smoking and nicotine-containing products like nicotine gums, patches, and e-cigs and patches almost 30 days prior to the procedure. He would also suggest certain herbal supplements that would help patients in healing and faster recovery.

Dr. Evdokimow is very cooperative and he would make his patients aware of the various options for breast reconstruction. Breast Reconstruction may occur at the same time of mastectomy or you may delay Reconstruction after mastectomy for weeks, months or years. Other procedures include autologous that uses your body’s tissue or breast implants. You can choose the procedure depending on your phase:

  • Severity of the breast disease
  • Regular health
  • If chemotherapy or radiation is required or not post-surgery
  • Have you gone through breast surgeries earlier?
  • The way you like and any request that you want to raise

Reconstructing Nipple and areola

Although the natural shape of nipples of both men and women may not show variations according to the dermatologists, even the natural shape has slight variations than the norms. Dr. David Evdokimow is one of the demanding plastic surgeon in New Jersey, best known for giving one of the best nipple reconstruction surgeries to the patients of breast enhancement or patients who request to improvise the nipple shape and size. Some of the reasons that we found to why men and women look for nipple reconstruction surgery includes:

  • Asymmetric nipples –if the position of the nipples isn’t normal or has some uneven lines
  • Inverted nipples – lack of the tissues at the areola region
  • Enlarged nipples – if the nipple size is too large to long when compared to the size of the breast

Although, less patients approach Dr. Evdokimow for abnormal nipple size as it is a very least common problem, but even the fewer patients need nipple reconstruction surgery, as well.

If any patient approaches Dr. David Edvokimow for complex nipple-areola surgeries, then he has expertise in applying techniques like taking a tattoo in order to match the size of both the nipples with the help of a local tissue. All of these procedures are performed only after giving local anesthesia. If any patient is willing to see the genuine results, then he or she can see it but after the surgery is healed completely.

What you should expect?

If you are expecting to get free in a single day then mind it, it may take weeks and sometimes months as well. The overall Recovery time of a body strictly depends on the treatment that is performed. It hardly depends on the procedure, and believe us there are various physical and psychological benefits associated with this recovery stage. According to a recent study where 23 plastic surgeons and 273 patients proved that both the immediate and the delayed recovery time are advantageous and does psychological benefits to the patients helping him or her to improve his or her well-being. In the case of delayed recovery time, the satisfaction level of the patients post reconstruction was found to be higher.

Dr. Evdokimow’s other procedures for breast reconstruction

Dr. Evdokimow not only performs surgeries related to breast reconstruction and nipple correction in order to improve their physical and psychological state but he also offers cosmetic breast surgery service as well. Under this, various procedures that he follows include breast augmentation, oncoplastic surgery, breast reduction, breast implant surgery Madison, gynecomastia treatment, fat grafting, Breast implant surgery Millburn, and breast lift surgery especially for the residents of New Jersey. You can visit these pages to get more information about the surgeries.

If you want to check the results of surgeries done by Dr. Evdokimow, you can visit our gallery section to check before and after photos of the patients.

If you want to get more info about the breast reconstruction procedures and want to schedule a meeting with Dr. Evdokimow, please feel free to call at our clinic number 908.221.1136. If our call doesn’t satisfy you or you want to have one-to-one consultation, you are requested to fill the form given at Request an Appointment form. Our patients come from faraway places like Millbury, Madison, Chestertown, Summit, and Far Hills.

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