Eyelid Surgery to Rejuvenate Your Look

If you feel healthy and vibrant, it’s only natural that you want to look that way. The eyes are the windows of the soul, responsible for expressing a broad range of emotions. In fact, movement of the eyes, eyebrows and eyelids dominates our facial expressions and consequently is one of the first (and the most visible) areas to show signs of aging. The changes progress from fine wrinkles around the eyes to puffy eyes with dark circles, bags under the eyes, vertical and horizontal forehead wrinkles, and drooping eyebrows. All of which can lead to a tired or angry appearance.

If these signs of aging have occurred on your face, especially in the area around your eyes, then you may be a candidate for a eyelid surgery. In New Jersey, Dr. David Evdokimow performs these procedures for results that look naturally rejuvenated.

Personal evaluation of your eyes

During your consultation, Dr. Evdokimow will:

  • Measure your facial proportions, including the height of the forehead, the position of the hairline and the position of the eyebrows in relation to the supraorbital rim.
  • Evaluate the vertical and horizontal wrinkles and frown lines, the amount of sagging (upper eyelid ptosis), excess upper eyelid skin and fat, the tone and the position of the lower eyelid and its relation to the iris, excess skin and fat herrniation (bagginess) of the lower eyelid, the relationship of the lower eyelid to the mid-face and the height and the prominence of the cheekbones.
  • He may recommend evaluation by an ophthalmologist prior to surgery to examine visual fields, vision and eye dryness as well as tear composition and production.

Dr. Evdokimow will create an individual treatment plan for you, based on your goals, lifestyle and existing anatomy. He takes photographs with the face at rest and making an expression so that you can see your results. If your goals include a more complete facial rejuvenation, Dr. Evdokimow will discuss options for combined surgery that might include a face lift, nose surgery, chin surgery or minimally invasive procedures such as BOTOX, injectable fillers, lip enhancement, light or laser treatments and fat transfer in NJ.

Brow lift

During your consultation at his state-of-the-art plastic surgery NJ office, Dr. Evdokimow will evaluate your facial proportions, including the height of the forehead, the position of the hairline and the position of the eyebrows. He will be happy to discuss the different types of eyebrow lifts and eyelid procedures with you during your consultation.

  • In women, a youthful-looking brow is low (toward the nose) and gently arches and elevates in the lateral part (the tail) toward the temple. With aging, the eyebrows rotate and ride high in the medial aspect and low in the lateral aspect.
  • In men, the eyebrows are more horizontal and at the level of (or slightly above) the supraorbital rim. Excessive brow elevation in men, especially in the lateral part (the tail), can create a feminine appearance and should be avoided.

Brow lift in New Jersey

We generally perform brow lift (forehead lift) as an outpatient procedure in the hospital surgery center. If we combine the procedure with another surgery (such as a face lift or rhinoplasty), an overnight stay might be required, mostly for your comfort. Dr. Evdokimow’s New Jersey forehead-lift patients can choose local anesthesia, local anesthesia with sedation, or general anesthesia.


To learn more about blepharoplasty or to schedule an appointment, please call our practice at 908.221.1136. For your convenience, you can arrange your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Evdokimow by filling out our online Request an Appointment form. Our blepharoplasty and brow lift patients come to us from Far Hills, Madison, Summit, Milburn and Chestertown.

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