Important Concepts:

  • The upper eyelid should be evaluated  together  with the eyebrow.
  • There is a difference in ten attractive appearances of the upper eyelid/ eyebrow appearance in men and women
  • The extent of the upper eyelid surgery should be determined after a proper position of the eyebrow has been established. The presence of upper eyelid ptosis and other abnormal conditions of the upper eyelid should be part of the initial evaluation.
  • The lower eyelid should be evaluated together with the midface.
  •  Adding volume and lifting a deficient mid face is prerequisite for successful lower eyelid surgery. 

What's Stands the test of time:

  • Less is more.
  • Canthoplasty – changing the lateral attachment of the upper and lower eyelid should be taken with extreme caution.
  • Canthopexy- the lifting of the lateral attachment of the upper and lower should be performed only when absolutely needed.
  • Periorbital fat grafting and nano fat grafting is a powerful adjunct to eyebrow and eyelid surgery. It’s technically demanding and should be perfumed with precision.
  • Mid face-lift trough the upper eyelid approach is more often the problem than success.
  • Traditional forehead coronal brow lifts are infrequently needed and should be performed only on selected patients.
  • Transconjunctival blepharoplasty with conservative skin incision is an excellent procedure in many patients and allows simultaneous use of laser resurfacing, chemical peels fat grafting of the upper and lower eyelid.
  • Lacteal brow lifts is a powerful tool to set the proper position of the eyebrow prior to upper eyelid surgery.
  • Botulin toxin is a good way to simulate brow lift and should be used as a preoperative modality in patients considering brow lift.

In elderly patients with deep forehead wrinkles, direct brow lifts give good results.


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