For Young children with large, protruding or misshapen ears, the blows to their self-esteem can be devastating, especially once they start school and have to endure teasing and alienation from their peers. Ear pinning surgery (otoplasty) can help these children avoid such consequences. Ear surgery can be performed any time after the age of 4 usually between 5 and 7 years of age. It’s also possible to perform the procedure any time after that age, even when the ear cartilage is not as pliable as in early age.

Ear surgery can correct a number of different forms of misshapen or prominent ears. It can be performed to:

  • Bring the ears closer to the head (ear pinning)
  • Reduce the size of very large ears (lop ears)
  • Reshape the bends in the cartilage (cupped/shelled) ears
  • Reconstruction following a traumatic ear injuries
  • Reconstruction of congenital absence of external ear or other ear deformities
  • Split or overstretched earlobe

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