• The signs of aging appear earlier and progress faster in the neck than in the face. The reason is purely anatomical and is based in the relatively poor blood supply of the neck compared to the face.
  • In general, the neck responds poorly to minimally invasive procedures. Laser/light treatments and chemical peels should be performed with caution due to significant risk for complications especially when combined with surgical alteration of the neck.
  • In the majority of the cases, best surgical results are achieved when the face and the neck are treated as one unit. The platysma muscle of the neck has supportive function and connects with a similar structure of the face -the SMAS (Submuscular aponeurotic System).
  • In a small percentage of patients, isolated surgery of the neck area can give significant improvement. The perfect example is a young woman with a tight, young looking face and loose neck area. The neck can be treated as isolated unit in people with localized concerns and do not want to be subjected to more extensive face and neck surgery. An individualized approach is key.

Dr. Evdokimow can use a number of surgical approaches to achieve optimal neck-lift results, including:


 This approach addresses excess fat deposits in the neck and in selected cases, leads to significant improvement without the need of alteration of the platysma muscle. We use ultrasound-assisted liposuction - VASER to significantly improve outcomes.

RF- Radio Frequency Devices

For the last 2-3 years, a wave of RF-based devices has become available for use in the US. They give superior skin tightening compared to liposuction, but cause significant scarring in the planes below the skin. At this point, the use of RF should be taken with caution.


Also know as a neck lift. Usually the palysma muscle and the skin are treated simultaneously. In selected cases, skin only necklift may give an improvement. The most common topics of controversy are whether or not submental incision should be  used and if the platysma muscles are sutured together or partially divided or manipulated.  One will get as many different opinions as there are surgeons. The right answer is an individualized approach based on the individual’s anatomy.

  • Surgical alteration of the Chin and Mandibular border are often needed in order to achieve better face/ neck interface.

What’s New? 

Nano fat – Nano fat is prepared through emulsification and filtration of fat cells. It contains growth factors and is an excellent scaffold for the  externally introduced medicinal signaling cells or micro vesicles (exosomes). When injected in the skin (intradermal), they give significant improvement of wrinkles and skin texture.


We remain true to our quest continuously improve and created procedures with shoreter downtime and better down time. To learn more about neck-lift procedures or to schedule an appointment, please call  our practice at 908.221.1136 or submit our online Request an Appointment form

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