Best Migraine Treatment in New Jersey

No doubt Migraine is a common problem, and most of the people go through this painful stage in one or the other phase of their life. If you are one of those looking for Migraine Specialist in New Jersey, then you are here at the right place.

Our Migraine treatment Chester town and Millburn-based is known for the quality of service that we provide to the patients who approach Dr. Evdokimow’s clinic in New Jersey.

Migraine headaches, one of the most recurring pains that affect a persons’ mental ability. At the Plastic Surgeon of New Jersey, we provide one of the best Migraine Headache Treatment in Chester town. We are a specialist in treating migraine problems of the patients who have tried several methods and found no relief after trying other migraine treatments.

Migraine problem can affect your life in a bad way. According to latest reports, over 39% of the patients suffering from acute migraine problems fail to do their daily tasks, and over 53% patients often complained about the problems like bed rest. So, in all, only 9% patients are left who perform their normal function despite migraine problem.

At The Plastic Surgeon of New Jersey, we have found that how A migraine can affect a patients’ health and the people connected to him or her. Due to Migraine problem of employees, American Business has suffered a lot. We can say that the cost loss to the American Business is around $13 billion on an annual basis. Around 50% females and 38% males suffering from a migraine miss their working schedule for at least 7 days in a complete year. This problem is often seen in Women, and the chance of a woman affected by this painful problem is almost 3 times more than that of a man.

There are migraine problems related to a menstrual migraine. According to the latest statistics, female hormone fluctuates, and this directly affects the incidences of migraine problems in a woman. Around 60% females, suffer from an acute headache while they are in their menstrual phase.

It has been found that most of the people who are dealing with migraine problems do not go to a doctor. This problem is least diagnosed in a proper way. There are people who start self-treatment and under-diagnose this problem. Such a kind of negligence often results in anxiety, depression, anger, short-temperament, strokes, sleep disturbances, and epilepsy-like problems. All of these minor symptoms indirectly relate to the same medical care.

The migraine's treatment at Dr. David Evdokimow’s clinic is never under-rated. The main reason for this pain is the process of the cerebral cortex, and severe pain is basically caused by the dysfunctioning of blood vessels that are supplied by the trigeminal nerve.


Migraine problem passes through 4 different phases, but it is not necessarily that all patients suffering from the pain of a migraine go through all of the phases. Major phases of A migraine are mentioned below:

  • AURA: Dr. Edvokimow, Migraine specialist in New Jersey, has found that this aura phase affects more than 15% of the patients suffering from migraine problems. This phase starts developing before the headache phase and lasts up to 5-20 minutes to one complete hour.
  • HEADACHEOur Migraine Headache Treatment in Chester town treats headache-like problems as well. This phase although lasts in the head only, but the condition becomes severe when the pain starts reaching body parts other than just the head.
  • PRODROMEOur Migraine treatment Chester town and Millburn based look after Prodrome phase of A migraine that usually occurs after the patient has crossed 24 hours of pain. More than 60% patients who suffer from this problem reports showing symptoms of Prodrome phase. Some of the common symptoms of this phase are bloating, constipation, diarrhea, Frequent urination, hyperosmia, mood shifts, neck pain, Phonophobia, thirst, and Yawning.
  • RESOLUTION:The resolution, one of the critical phases of a migraine where a patient feel irritated, exhausted, and different mood swings.

At The Plastic Surgeon of New Jersey, we have our team of experienced professionals who are good at treating this problem from the roots. To get more info about Migraine treatment, give us a call or fix your one-on-one consultation with Dr. David Edvokimow.

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