Restore Your Natural Beauty

It’s frustrating to feel young and vibrant when your outer appearance doesn’t reflect that youthful energy. To keep you looking as young as you feel, join the many other men and women who have chosen Dr. David Evdokimow to rejuvenate their faces. A face lift can reduce deep creases, eliminate loose or sagging skin in the mid-face and lower face (jowls) and reposition fat compartments of the face to their younger stage, preserving facial volume. These days, face lifts, with very few exceptions, are combined with fat grafting.

About facial aging and face-lift surgery

A young face is a full, smooth face. The skin and the deep structures are firmly attached to the facial skeleton with help of ligaments. As time goes on, volume loss appears in all facial planes – bone, facial muscles, fat compartments, subcutaneous fat and skin. Newly discovered evidence suggests that most of the volume loss occurs on the bone level. This volume loss begins when people are in their mid-20s and progresses differently for each individual. Factors that contribute to facial aging are: gravity, repeated facial expressions, sun damage, environmental influences, stress and smoking.

Because the aging process affects each face-lift patient differently, the extent of the procedure will depend on the extent of facial aging. In general, face-lift procedures are classified as “full” or “limited” based on the scar length. Desired results can be achieved by combining face lift with fat grafting. 

  • Short-scar face lift. This procedure addresses specific concerns for specific patients. Candidates are generally younger patients with moderate to advanced facial aging and moderate skin laxity in the nexk area. The procedure’s main indication is for patients who are primarily concerned with jowls but feel that the central part of their neck is acceptable. While in experienced hands, a short-scar face lift gives reasonable results with short downtime, this is an area of facial surgery that is abused by unqualified providers, so be sure to check the credentials of your surgeon. Recently the application of short-scar face lifts has been extended and is now used in patients who in the past were treated with the full-face long-incision face lift.
  • Fat grafting today is an integral and logical step in every face-lift procedure, addressing the volume lost component of the facial aging. Fat grafting is often combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP).
  • Full face lift. This procedure can be a logical way to address the aging face. It involves a longer incision and more undermining of the soft tissue of the face. However, it also achieves more dramatic improvement of the face and neck.

What to expect

The most important part of your face-lift consultation at Dr. Evdokimow’s plastic surgery New Jersey office will be:

  • Determining the degree of facial aging. 
  • Evaluating the face and neck as a whole unit.
  • Evaluating the condition of forehead/eyebrows, eyelids and nose so the final result preserves facial harmony.
  • Monitoring your blood pressure to ensure it is under control for Dr. Evdokimow to perform the procedure.
  • Detailed discussion of the location and extent of skin incisions and resulting scars. Clinical photographs will be taken.

After listening carefully to your goals and concerns and conducting a thorough physical exam, Dr. Evdokimow will develop a personalized treatment plan.  

Please visit our Galleries section to view plastic surgery before and after photos.

For a younger-looking, more beautiful face, speak with Dr. David Evdokimow about face-lift procedures. To learn more, please call our practice at 908.221.1136. To arrange your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Evdokimow, please fill out our online Request an Appointment form. Our face-lift patients come to us from Summit, Milburn, Chestertown, Far Hills and Madison.

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