Comprehensive Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

With the advent of plastic surgeons, reconstructive surgeries have definitely faced a setback. Many patients who consult physicians and attorneys really find it difficult to find a surgeon who can handle reconstructive surgery flawlessly.


Do you know reconstructive surgery can help people to get their looks and feels all again irrespective of how harsh the defect is? People with a physical defect from birth, physical disfigurement due to any accident, or patients, who undergo surgeries like mastectomy, can now expect to get their appealing look again. List of Reconstructive surgery treatments is given below:


  • Craniofacial surgery
  • Invasive surgeries
  • Laser surgery
  • Micro-surgery
  • Paediatric plastic surgery
  • Reconstructive surgery for patients suffering from Trauma
  • Reconstructive surgery for patients who went through cancer surgery. Almost all of the body parts including breast reconstruction, Hand surgery, healing wounds
  • Treatment of Soft-tissues and skin cancer, etc.

Dr. Evdokimow, renowned Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery specialists in NJ performs surgeries combining complex procedures depending on the complexity of the problem.

Get specialised training and surgical skills from Dr. Evdokimow

According to him, special kind of training and surgical skills are required to boost up the morale of people who lost that zeal in the life.

Dr. Evdokimow is a well-trained micro surgeon who demonstrates the need to train and showcases surgical skills in order to understand the human anatomy. His innovative vision helps him to achieve the desired results. Dr. Evdokimow is an experienced Plastic Surgeon in New Jersey who has been doing reconstructive surgeries for more than a decade. He is still philanthropist and gets satisfaction only after helping people who suffered from trauma and a complete dissatisfaction in life. By reconstructing different parts of the body, he helps people get a new life.

If you want to get more info about Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, you can fix your appointment or call us at our office number 908.221.1136. For fixing your appointment, you can fill the form Request an Appointment so that our consultant can arrange a meeting with Dr. Evdokimow. Some of the common places where our customers come from are Far Hills, Chestertown, Summit, Madison, and Milburn.

David Evdokimow, MD is proud to serve the people residing over Basking Ridge, New Jersey, its nearby communities like Harding, Bernardsville, Mendham, Morristown, Warren, Far Hills, Summit, Westfield, Short Hills and Chester. Contact us for plastic and reconstructive surgery. We provide services for blepharoplasty, body contouring using surgical or nonsurgical practises, brow lifting, craniofacial surgery, ear surgery, face lifting, fat transferring, Laser skin treatments, treatments for breast enhancement, Neck lifting, non-invasive cosmetic procedures, surgery for post bariatric weight loss, PRP, rhinoplasty, Surgery of face, surgery of migraine, surgery of hand, surgery of trauma, treatments for breast reduction for both males and females, treatments for scar reduction, and tummy tucking,

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