Surgery of the hand is directed towards restoring function in majority of the cases. With recent advances in regenerative medicine, improvement of function and appearance are becoming more and more integrated.

Due to significant environmental exposure, the hands frequently show the first signs of aging such as:

  • Volume loss leads to prominent visible veins tendons and knuckles
  • Wrinkled and dry skin of the back of the hand
  • Age spots and sun damaged skin, changes associated with side effects of medications and other medical conditions
  • Change of the shape and the function of the finger joints

Treatment options for the aging hand

1.Volume restoration

  • Synthetic fillers such as Hyaluronic acid and Polylactic acid.
  • Fat Grafting is becoming the workhorse in reconstructive and cosmetic hand surgery.
  • Medicinal Signaling Cells and micro vesicles (exosomes) enriched fat grafts
  • PRP enriched fat grafts.- Leukocyte poor products are used for treatment of joint problems, Leukocyte rich PRP is used for tendon problems
  • Nano Fat grafts
  • Alpha 2 Macroglobulin (A2M)- Inhibits large groups of inflammatory enzymes with proven benefits for large joints such the knee. It has recently been discovered similar results for treatment of wrist and CMC joint problems.

2.Wrinkled and Dry skin of the back of the hand

  • Nano fat grafting alone or in combination with different PRP fractions, micro vesicles  ( exosomes) and cell therapies (medicinal signaling cells)
  • Fat grafting

3. Age spots, sun damaged skin, skin changes associated with side effect of medications and other medical conditions.

  • Fat grafting
  • Nano fat grafting
  • PRP (Leukocyte poor), Alapha2 Macroglobulin fat grafts
  • Light therapies such as IPL (intense pulse light), Laser treatments
  • Chemical peels

The current advances in the field of regenerative medicine have brought significant crossover between the restoration of function and appearance. The population of this country is in need and deserves cutting-edge treatments. At the same time, the new concepts are poorly understood by the medical community and the patient populations. Our experience also comes with the responsibility to educate.  


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