Throughout the years, Dr. Evdokimow treated hundreds of acute facial injuries involving the skull, facial bones, orbits, eyes and eyelids, nose, ears, and lips as well as facial nerve injuries and complex soft tissue craniofacial injuries. His expertise in microvascular surgery and micro nerve surgery has made him the go-to doctor in complex facial trauma and cancer reconstruction including reconstruction after Moth’s Surgery. With the recent advances in regenerative medicine, the scope of the practice has changed from the primary management of acute injuries to development of cutting-edge less invasive craniofacial reconstructive procedures incorporating cell and growth factor therapies. The practice is currently a frequent destination for second opinion patients and treating failed surgeries performed by other doctors. 

The current scope of the craniofacial procedures is as follows:


  • Complex craniofacial reconstruction including bone grafting and cell therapies.
  • Nasal Airway reconstruction
  • Fat grafting for Failed TMJ surgery
  • Correction of Fat Grafting Complications.
  • Ear reconstruction, correction of protruding ear deformities
  • Lip reconstruction
  • Reconstruction after cancer surgery, Moth’s surgery
  • Treatment of Masseteric Hypertrophy
  • Treatment of acute craniofacial injuries including soft tissue, bone and nerves.

To learn more about migraine treatment and craniofacial reconstruction or to schedule an appointment, please call  our practice at 908.221.1136 or submit our online Request an Appointment form

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