Management of migraine headaches with Botulin toxin and Migraine Surgery

  • Nearly one in four American households include someone suffering with 
  • Over 10% of the population, including children, suffers from migraines – more than diabetes and asthma combined!
  • About 18% of American women and 6% of men suffer from migraines.
  • Migraines are most common during our peak productive years, between 25 and 55. Migraines also tend to run in families.
  • If one parent suffers from a migraine, there is a 40% chance a child will suffer. If both parents suffer, the risk rises to 90%.
  • For most people, migraines can be controlled with medication.

When Medical Treatment Doesn't Work

  • For some people, medications cannot control the headaches.
  • Peripheral nerve compression and overstimulation act as triggers for migraine headaches.
  • The branches of the trigeminal nerve run through strong facial muscles. Muscle contracture irritates the nerve and causes the migraine attack.
  • Relaxation of contracted muscles and trigger point with Botulin toxin has a high degree of success.
  • If the Botulin toxin treatment is successful, the patient is a candidate for migraine surgery for permanent relief from migraine headaches
  • We have developed injection techniques for migraine headaches which doesn’t interfere with facial aesthetics and movements and even enhance facial appearance
  • Migraine surgery involves the partial or complete release of the muscle compressing the nerve in order to prevent the onset of a migraine or decrease its frequency.
  • The success rate of migraine surgery is high. Ninety percent of surgery patients experience significant relief in the frequency, intensity, and duration of migraine attacks. One-third of the patients experience complete relief.
  • Sometimes insurance will cover this surgery after Dr. Evdokimow shows evidence that conservative management has failed to control the migraine headaches.
  • Recent advances in Regenerative medicine have shown that microvesicles (exosomes) can be successfully used in the treatment of Migraine headaches

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