Scar Treatment in New Jersey

Any injury to human tissue after we are born creates a cascade of complex reactions known as wound healing. This results in scars. As humans, we lose our ability for scarless healing at the time of birth. The skin is no different. Any interruption of the skin surface by trauma or surgery results in a scar. Acne can result in acne scars.

In mild cases of scarring, fractional lasers alone can give significant improvement. Treatment often includes multiple modalities used in combination. Sometimes the only treatment that works is radiation therapy. Other treatments include a combination of fat grafts and reduction of visible vessels using fractional lasers.

Stretch Marks

Abdominal stretch marks are atrophic scars associated with rapid weight gain or loss, pregnancy, hormonal changes where increased tension weakens collagen, and injury within the deep layers of the skin where the skin surface remains intact but appears thin and wrinkled. Sometimes, the most effective treatment is complete removal of the area involved. Abdominoplasty is most effective for abdominal stretch marks. When that is not possible, a combined of fat grafts, fractional lasers and treatment of the dilated vessels can be most effective.

Acne Scars

Acne scar treatment may include surgical excision if the area is localized or punch excision and grafting followed by laser treatments later to smooth the skin's appearance. More recently, micro fat grafts have shown promising results when used after the excision and prior to skin resurfacing. Skin resurfacing alone does not always correct the scars. When possible, surgical excision followed by fractional laser resurfacing produces the best results. Dr. Evdokimow also treats burns scars and keloids (associated with acne). The timing of treatment depends on the type of scar and should be based on a sound understanding of anatomy and the wound healing process. Some scars are best treated after they have matured for 6 to 12 months. The characteristics of the scar will help determine the best scar treatment.

Surgical Scars

We use different surgical techniques to treat different components of surgical scars. Straight-line scars are usably more visible than broken lines. Scars crossing joints at angles are less restrictive to patient function. We may use laser treatment of scars with Erbium lasers, Palomar fractional lasers, fractional, non-ablative lasers for skin resurfacing and treatment of surgical scars, acne scars and stretch marks. This is the only FDA cleared laser for this treatment.

Burn Scars

These are unique in that all layers of the skin are usually destroyed by thermal damage. There is severe fibrosis in all skin layers and no collagen remodeling. Treatment is more complex and depends on the locatiom and size of the scars. 

Unfavorable scars usually have components with different characteristics. We use different modalities to treat the scars in combination. Usually surgery is the first line of treatment. More recently, fat grafts and micro fat grafts have become integral to treatment protocols, and fractional lasers usually follow a surgical procedure.

12 Years old female. Was seen for facial injury caused by a sharp object. Treated with fractional non-ablative laser and local wound care. The final pictures are taken 6 months after the last treatment. Her face is clean without make-up. 

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25 years old female from Long Island was involved in a severe motor vehicle accident at age of 17 and sustained multiple facial wounds and from broken windshield. The results shown are after surgical scar revision followed by treatment with fractional nonablative lasers.

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12 Years old female. Was seen for facial injury caused by a sharp object.

Treated with fractional non ablative laser and local wound care. The final pictures are taken 6 months after the last treatment. Her face is clean without  make up. 

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